exam Monday

Your first exam is Monday. Remember to bring a blue book to class.

There will be 10 identification terms and 4 short answer questions taken directly from the study guide. Remember for your IDs you should have a precise definition from this class and either an example or a context statement as your second sentence. Your short answers should be 2-3 paragraphs, a paragraph is generally 4-5 sentences. Always use examples from the class and evidence from the readings, notes, movies and lectures. I will answer email questions up to 5PM on Sunday night



No class today, Monday Feb 28.

Keep up with the assigned readings and work on your group projects.

extra credit

The fourth act from When the Levees Broke is on reserve at Holland library.

If you would like to receive extra credit you may watch Act 4 and write a 1-2 page summary of the final act along with TWO thought questions of your own. The questions should not be “right or wring” answer questions but discussion provoking questions.

All extra credit is due next WED FEB 16 in class. No exceptions.


Assignment posted under the assignment tab for MONDAY FEB 14.

reading/class schedule update

The reading schedule is updated. Check under the tab to keep up with readings etc.


ALL GRADES are now posted on the Angel course site. You should have access to this through your MyWSU site.

We will have a quiz tomorrow on the assigned readings, come prepared.

Bring your “When the Levees Broke” movie sheet from last week to class to turn in.


No class tomorrow, WED FEB 2.

Keep up with the reading assignments.